Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where exactly is MR V going?

( or 700 Bahama islands, why this one? )

This is Manatee Challenge # 2

Check out the interactive map.
This is San Salvador, Bahamas. San Salvador is actually quite famous and has a very special history. With just a little investigation and research you can discover how and why this island is famous and describe your findings in a paragraph and picture.

The diversity of life in, on and around the coral reefs of San Salvador rivals that of a tropical rain forest. The health of the entire ecosystem depends on the health of the coral.. and that's what we'll be surveying in San Salvador. You will need to select a species to research too. Choose a species I might find and I'll do my best to get you a picture. You will need to know your species before the next Manatee Challenge. CoralRealm is another good resource for discovering more about your species.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Reef Story Around the Globe

( Or, What's Up Down Under?).
While you were on the Hunt for Zooxanthellae, you made even more coral discoveries along the way. To continue your adventure, join the Mad Beach Manatees on a Virtual Reef .
I am excited to be a part of The Earthwatch Bahamian Reef Survey Expedition, one of many important research expeditions around the globe seeking ways to protect coral reef. I learned a lot about some of the perils that face coral reefs in a report produced by PBS's NewsHour, Scientists Track Degradation of World's Coral Reefs. Click on the diver you see on that page and you can read, listen, or watch the report . You'll see and hear from reef researchers, and marine biologists around the globe and from here in Florida.
Please share an idea about what we can all do to help protect the reef.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hunt for Zooxanthellae

( or It's a Different Zoo Down There)

First, lets go take a look at Bahama Reef Survey , it's pretty amazing.

You probably have some ideas about coral. If you aren't real sure stop in here => CORAL CHECK ,
or you can go to the Classroom Earth Series Link on this page.

You are now ready for the Manatee Challenge #1.

Where in the world is zooxanthellae?
What is zooxanthellae?
How is zooxanthellae important?

... for that matter,
How do you even pronounce it ?

For some pretty colorful help (hint hint) check out this video Amazing Coral .
(thanks to

When you have finished the video, continue the Hunt for Zooxanthellae,
answer the Where, What, How questions in writing and pictures.
remember: Keep track of your resources
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Cool!

Mr. V. - You are going to have such a great experience with Earthwatch! They are fortunate to have you as part of the Bahamian Reef Survey. I look forward to reading your blogs when you are in San Salvador. Mrs. V.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello everyone !!

December 18 2008 was an amazing day. That was the day I received a
Congratulations on receiving an Earthwatch fellowship and welcoming me to the Earthwatch Bahamian Reef Survey expedition. One month has flown by in a flurry of activity. So much to do; read, study, gather equipment -(learn how to blog!)- study some more.

The Earthwatch people are great. We had a conference call where we all "met" - introducing ourselves to the other members of the expedition team.

My students at Madeira Beach Middle School in Madeira Beach, Florida - that is our school in the picture -will be joining the Earthwatch team with me. I couldn't do this with out the help of Ms. G, Dan V, Joe B and so many others as well. I think that is what I like the most... this really is a team effort.

So I am inviting you, wherever you are, to join us ... this is going to be fun.


Friday, January 16, 2009

What is Mr. Voskuil up to now?

I feel I am really lucky to know Mr. V. He and I share so many of the same views of the world. Both of us are really worried about a lot of things happening to the Earth today. I think that foremost, Mr. Voskuil and I both believe that it is up to each and everyone of us to make a the right choices everyday in everything that we do.

So Mr. Voskuil what are you up to? What is this Earthwatch all about?

what, where, why, how, when

WHAT - For nearly 40 years, Earthwatch has protected our shared planet. Now, in the face of today's most pressing environmental emergencies—climate change, declining ocean health, unsustainable resource management, and threatened cultures—Earthwatch is bringing together a community of scientists, corporate and non-profit partners, teachers, students, and everyday citizens, Find out what you can do to change the world. Yourself.

Where- Mr. Voskuil is headed to the Bahamas.

Why - He will be collecting data on the coral reefs to measure effects of human and natural impacts within that particular ecosystem.

How - Mr. V will be snorkeling and measuring the growth and distribution of several species that live within the coral reef.

When - February 14th - February 21st

Friday, January 9, 2009