Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hunt for Zooxanthellae

( or It's a Different Zoo Down There)

First, lets go take a look at Bahama Reef Survey , it's pretty amazing.

You probably have some ideas about coral. If you aren't real sure stop in here => CORAL CHECK ,
or you can go to the Classroom Earth Series Link on this page.

You are now ready for the Manatee Challenge #1.

Where in the world is zooxanthellae?
What is zooxanthellae?
How is zooxanthellae important?

... for that matter,
How do you even pronounce it ?

For some pretty colorful help (hint hint) check out this video Amazing Coral .
(thanks to

When you have finished the video, continue the Hunt for Zooxanthellae,
answer the Where, What, How questions in writing and pictures.
remember: Keep track of your resources
Leave only bubbles